Fawdon Community Centre

Fawdon was built in 2002 with support from Newcastle City Council and the North West Partnership (SRB Programme) as a replacement for the very ageing community centre.

The building has now been transferred to NCAT from Newcastle City Council and we will endeavour to make the asset more sustainable by bringing in vital community services.


Managed by dedicated volunteers.

Opening times:

Monday 10am-1pm – 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 10am – 1pm

Thursday 2pm – 5pm

Friday Closed

for more information: www.fawdoncommunitylibrary.com

Little Learners Nursery

Ofsted registered pre-school setting offering 2 and 3yr funded places.

For more information contact Helen Wilding on 07561399867

Email:  littlelearnersne@sky.com


Kalmer Counselling Services



Therapy at Kalmer can change your life! The way we live our lives, how we think, feel and behave can have a huge impact upon us. If we feel stuck, negative about life that’s all we notice, see and attract into our lives. Therapy at Kalmer can change your life! By creating a space to explore you, your needs, your life, dreams and desires you can change your mindset and develop feelings of happiness and positivity. This can help to change everything about your life because if you change you everything around you has to change too. If you want a more fulfilling happy life it starts with you. ‘Like attracts like

  •  Carpet Bowls
  • Table Tennis
  • Over 50s Keep Fit
  • Choir
  • Taekwondo
  • Karate
  • Age UK

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Fawdon Community Centre.
Fawdon Park Road
Newcastle upon Tyne